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Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes.
Carl Friedrich Gauss


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Pithy Words
bout Caregiving


While in Glasgow for work last fall, I met Alec Finlay, Scottish poet and blogger. In response to his own illness and as part of a poet residency in a cancer hospital, he wrote brief poems about illness, loss, and the ripples of illness into daily lives of patients, families and hospital staff. Here are a few examples:

each of us                       we both breathe                      affliction
  has only                    (only one of us sleeps)                      narrows
    today                                                                                  affection

Using Finlayís form of writing, I wrote a few, using a theme of caregiving. Write one or two of your own pithy pieces about illness, caregiving, loss or hope and send them to me:
I will post some of the best on this page in upcoming weeks.  

Chronic caring                                                Acceptance
Caring chronologically                                    Doesnít mean

Vows contain
More verbs
Than nouns

                                                           Itís not what I pictured
                                                           Neither was this last winter

Look both ways
Care-giver                                                         I present
Itís a cross-roads                                              My presence
What is seen can vary                                         Itís the only
                                                                           present left

is not the enemy
Itís a messenger

To read more of Alec Finlayís work, go to:   www.alecfinlay-today.com



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